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Free software to easily capture thumbnails of web pages
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Windows 8
January 27, 2013

About Web Page Thumbnails

Free software to capture high-quality, resizable thumbnails of web pages. This free software package can be used by anyone wishing to create a gallery of web pages or a sitemap containing previews of the pages on a website.The software is intuitive and very easy to use. Use the integrated web browser to navigate to web pages, wait for the page to load, press the Capture button and save a high-quality thumbnail of the HTML page. If the size of the captured image doesn't suit the software allows you to resize the image then perform the image capture again. All captured images are saved as JPEGs ready for upload to a website.Web Page Thumnails also includes a tab showing a gallery of the captured images presented in a HTML preview file. The gallery provides various options such as saving thumbnails with different filenames, setting thumbnails as the desktop background and emailing the thumbnails.

Changes in this version:

Bug fixes and corrections.

System requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista

( By SoftwareLode - Web Page Thumbnails Publisher )

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